myShopi on smartphone

Tap images to select items

Browse through product categories and select the items you are looking for. Alternatively, type in names using auto-fill search

Organize by category

Organize items by product category, as in your supermarket

Track history

Keep track of frequently purchased items from previous lists to easily add them to your new lists

Add notes

Insert notes or specify quantities to buy

Database with 1.000 predefined items

Select from a database of more than 1.000 predefined items (e.g., bread, milk) or add your own items

Multiple lists

Create multiple lists to suit your own needs: by store, by person, etc

Send by E-mail & SMS

Send your shopping list by email and SMS

"I always have my list with me. I never forget it. I never loose it anymore."
"With myShopi, it's quicker. With paper and pen, it took ages !"
"myShopi includes only useful features, and excludes superfluous or complicated functions."
"Great tool ! Because I can add items immediately whenever I think of something."
Comments & Suggestions

Do not hesitate to forward us your ideas for new features or enhancements. myShopi is YOUR shopping list, and this app will be developed thanks to the support of the entire shopping community.

For comments, suggestions or technical problems :

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